Be careful when you choose your partner for German property investments

Look for experience of the ins and outs of the German market

Thor Stevnss Real Estate Services have worked in the German property market for years. We know the pros and cons of investments in various parts of Germany. We analyse and evaluate hundreds of German properties, yet we usually end up recommending or buying only very few. We use our knowledge and know-how to represent and buy optimally for our investors.

Look for a good deal and a good network

Thor Stevnss Real Estate Services have established a direct network with property companies and property owners whom we know and trust. We find and negotiate properties matching your investment profile and provide you with the best financing partners. Furthermore, we have efficient partnerships with English-speaking companies for administration, maintenance and development. All our contracts are offered in dual-language.

Look for due diligence in every aspect of the word

Thor Stevnss Real Estate Services have been dealing in real estate for 30 years. We offer technical due diligence, legal due diligence and macro, as well as, micro analysis of the location, including an evaluation of the future development for the property. Long term investment budgets document rental income, running costs, financing costs (DCR ratios) and cash flow.

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